It took me 2 years to drive from Germany to Malaysia. Half of the time I spent on the road without a vehicle insurance. Either it was not available in the crossing country or just simply not necessary. I had one single accident in India and despite of harsh arguments with the surrounding witnesses I negotiated with the victim an acceptable payment for the damage I caused. His wheel housing suffered seriously but with 80$ he seemed to be fine.

In a first world country we would neither get close to any negotiation nor would any damage be repaired for just 80$. You need a vehicle insurance, no doubt. All Western people have insurances! Many of them not to insure themselves instead to claim money for pseudo-long-lasting pain or additional repairs whose are not related to an accident. Then we are no longer talking about 80$ but likely about Millions of Dollars. What a great business – we need an insurance to protect us against other insurances.

When I entered Canada nobody was asking me for a vehicle insurance. They just assumed I would not be stupid and risk all my savings just for not having an insurance. Unfortunately, they were wrong! Indeed it is a shame that nobody knows about the issue Overlander are facing right now. As far as I know all worldwide Insurance companies stopped issuing Insurance policies for foreign registered vehicles covering Canada and USA by April 2017. The only official chance you have to be on the safe side while driving in northern American countries is to obtain a local vehicle insurance … or just stay back home.

Herewith I provide you the process, as I experienced it by myself, how to obtain a vehicle insurance in the province of British Columbia in Canada. Be informed that every province has different regulations.

Support Documents required for ICBC Insurance

  • Form 1
  • Casual Goods Accounting Document
  • Inspection Report (CVSE0013 or CVSE0014)
  • Proof of Ownership – Original Certificate of Title from the previous jurisdiction
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • History letter from the previous insurance companies


  1. Get your vehicle fixed
  • No leaks
  • No loose tires or bearings
  • No crack in the windshield
  • No cracks in any light cover
  • No big head lights (illegal in Canada!)
  1. Get a third brake light
  2. Get a box or mechanic to turn on the daylight, always
  3. Find an inspection facility *ask friends or overland clubs for recommendations*
  4. Get the inspection done (150$)
  5. Go to any ICBC Broker * Sussex recommended *
  6. Fill out a lot of paperwork
  7. Provide your Documents
  8. They keep your Proof of Ownership

*they will not return it to you, if you need it you have to make a very good copy of it*

  1. Basic vehicle insurance for 1 year costs 1950 CAD$, always
  2. Damage repair of the victims car is included but not yours, if you are the cause
  3. Broker will provide new Canadian vehicle plates, valid for the time of insurance
  4. ICBC insurance is also valid in neighbor provinces AND the USA

Why do I recommend Sussex?

I went to Autoplan and being told by the colleagues that

  1. I have to exchange my driving license against a Canadian before
  2. I have to exchange my vehicle plates against the new Canadian ones
  3. I have to translate my foreign Ownership into English by a Translator

> all of this was NOT necessary with Sussex


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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to give you more advises and support as much as possible. It took me several weeks to find out the process as described above. If you value my effort please feel free to donate via paypal:

Thank you

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