In May 2017 I shipped my vehicle in a 20” Container from Port Klang in Malaysia to Vancouver in Canada. Both ports handle the shipment completely different and herewith I like to hand out some quick facts you might find useful before you intend to do the same.
For weeks I was struggling to seek any information about customs, agents or even shipping companies in both countries. I proudly present the results of my research for your satisfaction.

Please feel free to comment to keep it as accurate as possible and also share my blog post with your friends. Thank you.

Port of Departure:
1. Port Klang (nearby Kuala Lumpur) in Malaysia
*Container Shipping only*

2. Singapore (Optional)
-> do not allow any Camping Vehicles to be driven on the roads, every vehicle with a bed inside needs to be towed from the border to the Harbor, 100 – 500$
*Container Shipping and RORO Shipping available*

Agents in the Klang Valley:
*Always ask for free storage days at the port of arrival, 4-10 days*
In Malaysia you only need to provide all your paperwork and the Vehicle. The agents do the clearance as well as lashing, etc. for you but feel free to join them, especially for loading the container. Take as many pictures as possible for insurance claims or Canadian customs requests.

1. Master Mover *definitely recommended*
Alicia Chan
TEL: +60 166601209
E-MAIL: sales@mastermovers.com.my or alicia_chan@aim.com

*well-known but very unreliable (personally would not ship with him)*
Mr. One Dollar
TEL : +603 5124 7628/30/45
E-MAIL : mdshah@millenniumfreight.com.my

3. Alien Logistics *expensive but good reputation*
Vivien Tee
TEL: +6012 238 2116
EMAIL: shield@alienlogistics.com

Documents provided by you:
Please read my blog post here about important documents for driving on Malaysian roads

1. ICP
2. Vehicle Insurance
3. Proof of Ownership
4. Driving License
5. Passport
6. You need to provide an address in the country of arrival, for the delivery papers
Carnet is NOT mandatory but make sure you ask your agent before you pay anything!

Certificates you receive:
1. Bill of Landing or Seawaybill
2. Several Warehouse documents
3. Fumigation *the wood used for lashing must be treated / take pictures!*
4. Stamped Customs declaration
5. Insurance coverage *if included*

Further information on demand:
1. Shipping company + Name of the ship *Vesseltracker.com to track the ship*
2. Container number *you need it for customs in Canada*
3. Date of arrival
*Shipping time 4-5 Weeks (but usually 5-10 days longer)*
4. Ask for any additional costs to be paid before the Container is unloaded

Before you hand over your vehicle
Ensure that the vehicle is absolutely free from any trace of soil or organic matter otherwise it may be refused entry at the arriving port and this at the importer’s expense. I cleaned mine for 4 whole days including engine bay, wheel housing etc. Canada is not bloody Australia but do it neat.

Container Measurements
Always ask your Agent or Shipping company for the entry door height as it is usually 5-10 cm lower than the inside of the container!
20” – Length 590cm – Wide 234cm – Height 238cm
40” – Length 1205cm – Wide 234cm – Height 238cm
40” HQ – Length 1205cm – Wide 234cm – Height 268cm

Port of Arrival
1. Vancouver in Canada
*one of the busiest harbors in Canada, well-known for delays*

2. Seattle in USA (Optional, 100km south of Vancouver)
*may be interesting for insurance and price but customs are more difficult*

Agents & Shipping companies around Vancouver:
*Every day of storage AFTER your free days cost 100$*
-> Customs clearance and additional required requirements need to be done by the owner of the vehicle, no agent is allowed to join. You can also just order a forwarding company but I did not see any price advantage.

1. AllCargo Express *recommended*
Rick or Marie
200 – 2251 No.5 Rd., Richmond, BC, V6X 2S8
Tel: +1 604 606-0633
E-mail: rick@allcargoexpress.com
General email: ace@allcargoexpress.com

2. ACGI Shipping Inc.
Suite 1100 – 900 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1E5
Tel: +1 604-484-8011
Email: customs@acgishipping.com

3. ISAAC Freight *No customs support – only Hauling of the Container*
2659 NO. 5 ROAD, RICHMOND, BC. V6X 2S8
Tel: +1 604-270-6322
Email: joe@isaacfreight.com

Address of Customs office
CBSA *Next to TELUS Science Center*
1611 Main St #412, Vancouver, BC V6A 2W5
Tel: +1 204 983-3500

Process of clearance (the official way and my personal notes)
1. Ship arrived
2. Container status is unloaded
*your free days of storage start now!*
*only traceable by your agent or shipping company*
3. Go to customs and bring all your documents (see below)
*I recommend to go there couple of days before the ship arrived*
4. At customs you will be given and fill out the Form 1, leave it with them
Customs clearance – Vehicle for temporary import; timeframe set by your Visa status
5. At customs you will be given and fill out the Request for Release/ Soil examination request, leave it with them
– 45$ will be paid by credit card
– Customs will contact you once the examination is done, couple of days
– You will receive a fax (or your agent) with the stamp “PAID”
6. Print out the paid Request for Release/ Soil examination request
7. Go to customs, hand over the paid bill, you will be given the confirmation in exchange
8. At customs you will get or need to ask for the Casual Goods Accounting Document, it states the temporary import of your vehicle and no taxes paid
*Important for the local insurance*
9. Container should be released and can be picked up

Documents provided by you:
1. Proof of Ownership
2. Driving License
3. Passport
4. Bill of Landing or Seawaybill
5. General List of items temporary imported along with your car
6. Fumigation Report or proof the wood for lashing has been treated
7. Container Number
8. Ship name
9. You need to provide an address in the country of arrival

Certificates you receive:
1. Filled and customs stamped Form 1
2. Casual Goods Accounting Document

Personal notes:
1. Customs in Vancouver are super friendly and very helpful
2. APL Shipping Hotline in the US is the most arrogant company I ever came across
3. APL also asked for 8$ payable by Cheque on the day the ship arrived with no explanation otherwise they will not release the Container
> If you do not have an American or Canadian Bank Account the only way is through an agent who usually charges 25$ courier fee on top
4. My Container was stuck in the port, without an agent it is nearly impossible to get it out
5. The price for the Hauling of the Container by a Forwarding Company from the port to the warehouse is almost the same as for the agent including transport and support services

Total costs: 3300 US $

When are you eligible for a temporary import – CSBA Website
A temporary resident is defined as a person who is not a resident of Canada, and who resides temporarily in Canada for the purpose of work or leisure. Temporary residents may bring in their personal goods on a temporary basis, duty and tax-free, as long as they are for your personal use only, and are not prohibited, regulated or controlled. Because you are here temporarily your vehicle can also enter Canada temporarily. It must leave Canada when your term of employment or study ends. The vehicle will not need to meet Transport Canada’s import requirements, although you may require a provincial or municipal inspection. Please contact the applicable provincial auto insurance company/department to ensure the vehicle meets Provincial Insurance Regulations. When the vehicle arrives in Canada you will need to present documentation showing proof that you are the legal/registered owner, or are authorized to use it.
A full list of CBSA inland offices, along with the services they provide is available at:
Should you require additional assistance with your inquiry, we recommend that you contact the Border Information Service (BIS). You can access the BIS line free of charge throughout Canada by calling 1-800-461-9999. If you are calling from outside Canada, you can access the BIS line by calling either 204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064 (long-distance charges will apply). If you call during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, except holidays), you can speak to an officer by pressing “0” at any time after you have made a selection of either English or French.


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